Terms & Conditions

General terms & conditions

  1. As PALMASPORT we have two headquarters (Ireland and Poland):
    1. PALMA Michal Kossakowski, Academy Square, Academy Street, Navan co. Meath, Ireland. Company No. 509005.
    2. PALMA Adrian Majcher, ul Stacyjna 24, 41-217 Sosnowiec, Poland. VAT-ID: PL6443049310.
  2. All orders are shipped from one of them (depending on stock). Shipping costs will not change.
  3. All of sales contracts concluded between customer and PALMA-SPORT.COM are compatible with the EU law.

Product presentation

  1. PALMA-SPORT.COM shop made efforts, so all published data and information would be free from errors and misconducts. However any potential errors, should not be treated as basis for any claims.
  2. In case of incompatibility of goods with description or photography or when purchased product is damaged, customer should immediately inform shop's staff.
  3. All prices include VAT.
  4. Price of every product is binding from the moment of placing an order by the customer. Shop reserves a right to make changes, including changes in price, content, description, terms, conducting and dismissing promotions, etc. at any time without further notice.
  5. Sizing charts include indicative data, which may be slightly different, depending on style, model and particular counterpart.
  6. Products presented on the pictures, may be slightly different than actual state of goods.
  7. Coping, distributing and using any contents of this website without our permission is strictly forbidden.
  8. All trademarks and names are used only for product presentation and are property of the producers.

Client registration

  1. Submission of the contract possible after customers registration, as well as without it. Registration is free and is done by filling out the form at the store site.
  2. Registration can be submitted by the individuals and business entities.
  3. Clients under 13 years of age need to have parents permission (the same conditions apply to the non registrated customers).
  4. During registration customer should provide accurate and correct data, otherwise the contract cannot be completed (the same conditions apply to the non registrated customers).
  5. Personal data of our customers will be collected and used exclusively to process customers order, including delivery and payment as well as to provide any other required service. All data captured by PALMA-SPORT.COM is exclusively used and processed by us within the framework of the applicable data protection laws according our Terms & Conditions and EU.

Ordering procedure

  1. Orders are accepted exclusively by electronic means trough the PALMA-SPORT.COM online shop, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  2. Orders are processed between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday - Friday.
  3. There is no minimum value for an order.
  4. After creating order, client will receive an e-mail with confirmation and order number.
  5. Clicking ‘Confirm Order’ is equivalent to signing a trade agreement with PALMA-SPORT.COM
  6. Client can modify or withdrawn his order, until order is marked as Shipped. In order to make changes or withdrawn order, client has to contact by e-mail  shop@palma-sport.com or chat button on the bottom of the store site.


  1. Orders will be implemented under condition, that goods are available in one of ours two  warehouses (polish and irish) or suppliers shop. If part of purchased goods is unavailable, customer is informed about state of his order. Customer will decide how his order should be implemented (partial realization, waiting time, cancellation of the whole order).
  2. The dispatch order depends on the order of customers confirmation. Orders will be accepted as long as products are in stock.
  3. PALMA-SPORT.COM restricts a right to deny order's completion in case of errors appearing on our website (errors with price information or condition/availability of products) and doubts regarding personal data of clients placed in our system during registration process.
  4. In case of the circumstances that prevent the implementation of order, shop reserves a right to withhold its implementation. In case of such situation PALMA-SPORT.COM agrees to immediately notify the customer.
  5. Incorrectly filled order forms will not be considered.
  6. By placing an order, client agrees for using and processing his personal data by courier services.


  1. According to the EU law, customer may return goods purchased in our store, without giving a reason within 30 days from the date of order delivery.
  2. Along with the goods, customer should sent a proof of purchase (an invoice), printed and completed "Product return form.", or a written statement specifying name and address of a buyer, order number and data necessary to make a money transfer (name, address, order number and account number to which the refund is to be made)
  3. Store guarantees reimbursement of the costs, equal to a value of the returned goods visible on the proof of purchase. The money will be refunded by a bank transfer or PayPal transaction to an account specified by the customer. Payment shall be made within 14 days from the date of receiving returned products by PALMA-SPORT.COM (requirements provided in Section 2 ). 
  4. The cost of shipping and delivery is not refundable.
  5. It is not possible to send cash on delivery returns to be collected.
  6. Returned goods can not bear any traces of use, should have factory packaging and labels, otherwise the goods will be returned to the customer on his expense.


  1. Customer has a right to exchange his product with other size or model withing 30 days from the day of obtaining his order.
  2. Shipping costs both ways, are covered by customer.
  3. Store is not accepting any packages send on its cost.
  4. Returned goods can not bear any traces of use, should have factory packaging and labels, otherwise the goods will be returned to the customer at its expense.
  5. Exchange will be processed within 14 business days from the moment of receiving shipment by PALMA-SPORT.COM from the customer.

Guarantee and complaints

  1. All products available at PALMA-SPORT.COM, are warranted.
  2. Warranty will not cover any accidental or non-accidental mechanical damages (tears, cuts etc.) or damages caused by careless or inappropriate use.
  3. Base for ever complaint is a proof of purchase (invoice ).
  4. Every complaint should have a complaint document attached, or customer's complain statement in which customer should include a reason of a complaint, when and under what circumstances damages appeared. Customer should also include his name, last name, address, purchase order number, and request declaration (change for other model, repair, cash back)
  5. Complaint goods should be clean and hygienically safe. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse to accept complaints .
  6. Complaint order, will be send to an appraiser or distributor, which are responsible for complaint handling.
  7. Complaint will be considered within 14 business days from the moment of receiving product back from the customer. Customer will be notified about the result.
  8. In case of unjustified complaint, costs of shipment will lie on customer's side.


  1. Shipping costs are paid by the customer.
  2. PALMA-SPORT.COM completes the orders globally.
  3. Orders are sent only via courier services or postal services.
  4. For Shipping cost refer to our “Shipment” section of our website.
  5. Orders are processed usually within 24 hours (not more that 14 business days for delivery).


  1. Customers who purchase in the PALMA-SPORT.COM online store, agree to issue a sales document, without a signature.
  2. Customer will receive, along with his order, an invoice as a proof of transaction.
  3. It is mandatory for every customer to check if his invoice is attached to product in the moment of package collecting.
  4. Customer can choose between 2 different forms of payment:
    • on-line payment via PayPal.com
    • standard bank transfer
  5. If customer chooses payment, in a way of prepayment, he is obligated to pay for his goods within 14 days from the day of order. In case of no payment the order will be removed without a prior notice.
  6. Customer may change the payment method upon request, after consultation with a store employee.
  7. By using PayPal on-line payment method, customer accepts PayPal's rules of procedure.


Final Provisions

  1. Promotions and discounts can not be combined.
  2. In matters not regulated in these terms, consumer rights are regulated by EU law.
  3. The competent court for any disputes arising under the contract of sale, is the court court having jurisdiction over a company's seat.